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CONTACT US  Send us a message for a quick quote...We need the following info:

If you dont see an email from us within 24-48 hours, please check your junk mail.

We are not currently accepting Free Roam/Invisible Fence yards .

Success! Message received.

 Once you are scheduled in, and your pet area is Snow Free, give us a call/text so we can come out for your cleaning.
Please note:  We pick up and bag the waste and it goes in your weekly trash collection. 
(We do not take it with us.)

Mission Statement

We will strive to keep your dogs happy and healthy by reducing the risk of diseases carried in their waste. We will give our customers peace of mind, knowing their yard is clean.  We operate solely for the purpose of a passion for dogs, great customer service, and unparalleled value.  Turd Burglars will always innovate and improve for the greater good of our patrons and local community.

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